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Pet Sitting...

Our goal is to relieve the separation anxiety that you and your pets experience when you must be away from them. Whether it’s an unavoidable business trip or a much deserved vacation, or if there are simply not enough hours in your day, we will keep your pets safe and cared for in their home (or ours) and leave you free to enjoy your time away.

Pet Sitting

If you are planning to be out of town we recommend that you schedule at least two visits a day for your pets. The minimum time spent with your pet will be 20-30 minutes per visit and we can schedule as many as four visits a day. Your pets will be fed and watered. Dogs will be walked and cats will be played with and all pets will be given a lot of love and attention.

We offer a number of extra services while you are away that you may be interested in taking advantage of. Please see the list of extras that we provide to the right, make your choices and then contact us so that we can discuss and then best service your individual needs. Our goal is to maintain the level of comfort that you have established for your pet and keep your home safe until your return.

We are also proud to be affiliated with the Austin Pet Sitters Organization.

Pet Sitting visits are $25 per visit

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Park Outings

For those high energy dogs who can’t get enough playtime! We will pick up your dog and take him for a long walk or run around Town Lake (Lady Bird Lake), with plenty of breaks in between to swim and cool off. This is a fun and exciting outing for your own pet or a great gift to give a friend.


Outings last for at least an hour from pick up to drop off, of which at least forty-five minutes is non-stop one-on-one fun for your pet. If you prefer and for the purpose of time, a park closer to your home can be our destination and activities such as playing Frisbee can be included.


Your pet will be toweled off and, with your permission, given a homemade treat and then returned to his home, ready to relax with you after a long day at work.

Please Contact us for pricing depending on your pet's needs

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Daily Pet Visits & Dog Walks

Have you noticed a change in your pet’s behavior? Is your dog digging in the back yard, or barking whereas he never used to before? Has your cat decided not to use his litter box? The reason might be that your pets are not getting enough exercise or stimuli.


With your busy work schedule constantly changing, you may simply not have enough time during a regular day to give your dog the exercise that he requires, or your indoor cat the playtime that he has come to expect. The amount of daily exercise recommended for dogs and cats, whether it be physical or mental, differs. The breed, size, age and health must be taken into consideration. No one knows your pet and their needs better than you. If you have noticed that your pet is not as content as he once was, let us help. Contact us so that together we can tailor a daily routine that best suits your pet.

Daily Visits last a minimum of 20-30 minutes at $25 per visit

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While we are at your home caring for your pets, there is no fee for extra services. Bear in mind, however, that we charge for our time and time spent watering your plants or yard clean up is time taken away from your pets. Please contact us to set up a consultation so that we can go over how much time needs to be spent in your home per visit.

Our Policies

Please take some time to read OUR POLICIES

Extra Services!

  • Daily Home Monitoring

  • Litter Change

  • Yard Clean-Up

  • Pet Taxi

  • Bathing

  • Brushing

  • Oral Medicine

  • Insulin Shots

  • Sub-Q Fluids





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