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Our goal is to relieve the separation anxiety that you and your pets experience when you must be away from them. Whether it’s an unavoidable business trip or a much deserved vacation, or if there are simply not enough hours in your day, we will keep your pets safe and cared for in their home (or ours) and leave you free to enjoy your time away.

For those high energy dogs who can't get enough playtime! We will pick up your dog and take him for a long walk or run around Austin's Town Lake (Lady Bird Lake), with plenty of breaks in between to swim and cool off. This is a fun and exciting outing for your own pet or a great gift to give a friend.

Outings last for at least an hour from pick up to drop off, of which at least forty-five minutes is non stop one-on-one fun for your pet. If you prefer and for the purpose of time, a park closer to your home can be our destination and activities such as playing Frisbee can be included.

Your pet will be toweled off and with your permission, given a home made treat and then returned to his home, ready to relax with you after a long day at work. That’s right – while you’ve been hard at work all day, your dog will be enjoying Austin’s great outdoors with a fantastic “field trip” using our doggie daycare service.

Park Outings are $40 per hour

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